Joan aged 53 years suffered from Arthritis, IBS, Depression, Neck, wrist finger, buttock & Shoulder Pain, Hip Replacement, Anxiety, Headaches and Emotional Issues.

I decided to give kinesiology a go as I had been unwell for years and just getting no relief or cure from the plethora of medics that I attended.

I was suffering from IBS, constipation, severe abdominal pain after eating and getting no diagnosis after having colonoscopies and endoscopes carried out several times.

I was injured as the result of a fall and needed a hip replacement. I suffered from back, neck and groin pain regularly. My doctor prescribed a list of pain killers and anti-depressants.

The final straw was when my joints started to swell and get painful.

I am 53 years old and really had very little to look forward to.

I wasn’t very optimistic going for the first appointment but was open to try anything.

Throughout this first session I had a huge breakthrough and found the reason for my poor health.

I had issues from my childhood buried deep, deep in my heart and she was there as a tool to unlock all this pain.

Miriam used several techniques and showed me how to relax at anxious times. By the end of this session, I was glowing, everything made more sense.

I felt alive for the first time in my life!

During the week after I slept better and wasn’t tired on waking up, I had no more tummy pains or constipation.

The next appointment was a full body check and food adjustments and supplements were added to my life change.

I am so happy now, I laugh more am aware of the present more. The most wonderful change is the relationship my husband and I now have, we have reconnected and it’s wonderful!

I am so thankful to Miriam and look forward to every session. I am now living my life again after over 40 years of just surviving and hiding in my fears.

Antoinette Murphy, aged 39 years, had problems with her Thyroid, Low Energy, Sleep Disturbances, High Cholesterol & Emotional issues

I was curious about Kinesiology and I liked the combination of other therapies that Miriam practices.

My symptoms were: My energy levels were low; I had high cholesterol and an underactive thyroid. I also had disturbed sleep patterns.

I found the sessions very interesting! It was much more than I expected! Not only does Miriam consider the physical symptoms but she takes into consideration the whole mind, body and spirit.

Her approach is very different to any therapy I’ve had before and her competence and professionalism make me feel at ease.

I love that she supplies supplements as I tend to get overwhelmed when I shop for supplement as I don’t know what I need or how much to take.

I always feel great after my sessions with Miriam both physically and emotionally. It feels like I’ve had a thorough health screening.

Initially I got a session approximately every two weeks and now I see her about once a month just to keep on top of my health. My energy is much better and my cholesterol and thyroid are perfectly fine.

Absolutely it has changed me! I will be continuing with my sessions on a regular basis.

Linda aged 30 years had Bloating and Skin Issues.

I had stomach discomfort, cramps/bloating/pain/gas

The session was great. Great, very informative and I was completely at ease and everything was explained.

Afterwards I felt more informed and relaxed.

Yes, it definitely has changed me. I have recommended friends to visit as well. My stomach issues have improved so much, just after one session.

If I have discomfort I know it is due to something that I have eaten in error.

I wish I had gone sooner!

Caroline Owens, aged 36, had problems with Chronic Sinusitis & Post Nasal Drip

My symptoms on arrival were Chronic Sinusitis & Post Nasal Drip.

The sessions were wonderful.

I felt cared for, listened to & truly that Miriam had my best interests at heart always.

I have gained insights about myself & the blocks that were preventing me to move forward in my life.

I will truly never forget the positive impact the sessions with Miriam had on my life.

I have recommended Miriam to numerous people & if you are considering availing of her services you won’t regret it.

May it be a wonderful new beginning for you now as it was for me personally

Jane Ryan, aged 38years, who suffered from Chrones Disease, Digestive Problems, Lack of Energy, Bloating, Acid Reflux and Weight Issues, Preparing for Pregnancy

I decided to go to Miriam for Kineisiology sessions as I was experiencing a lot of digestive problems such as bloating and acid reflux,

I wanted to lose weight but most importantly to get more energy as I was feeling very fatigued and needed more energy to manage with 2 kids and full time job and felt completely drained by the evening time.

I also have a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease but thankfully at the time fatigue was the main symptom.

Even after the first session I began to feel more energised and walked out of the first session feeling like a new person and that feeling improved with each session.

One part of her intervention Miriam assessed what foods I needed to eliminate from my diet for a time and worked out what nutrients I needed to add to help my body activate its energy.

Within a few sessions I could feel a real improvement in my symptoms, and after a number of sessions spread out over a few months I felt completely different:

After the sessions I had much more energy, fatigue was gone, my bloating and digestive discomfort greatly reduced, acid reflux was gone and I had lost a lot of the weight I needed to lose.

I felt the best I had in years!

I then became pregnant with our third child and I truly believe that thanks to Miriam’s treatment it was the easiest of all my pregnancies.

I maintained my high energy throughout, gave birth to a healthy baby girl and felt healthy myself after too!

I am truly grateful to Miriam for all her help, each treatment session and her suggestions and advice have really helped me change my life!

Miriam’s personal demeanour, vast knowledge base and numerous skills gave me such confidence in her,

I fully trusted in her advice and I continue to feel the benefits, it’s made such a difference.

I highly recommend Miriam and Kinesiology to anyone thinking about wanting to improve their health and their lives.

She’s amazing and it works!

Sharon, aged 40 had a lot of sadness and anger stuck in her body

I first attended because I was feeling a lot of anger and sadness in my body.

On arrival I felt internal anger & fear and had a red burning rash on my face.

The sessions were amazing. I could feel the anger dissolving and that “LUMP” in my tummy disappear.

Afterwards I felt very calm and empowered

It has changed me. Definitely, I have more control over my emotions. I am much happier in myself.

Niamh Kenny aged 30

I first came to see Miriam when I was around 20 weeks into my pregnancy. I was suffering terribly with continuous sinus infections.

I had been to my general practitioner through a period of 4 weeks and had 2 different courses of antibiotics.

Understandably during pregnancy this was not ideal-taking antibiotics and feeling “rotton”.

I attended Miriam and after just one session I felt back to myself.

The sessions with Miriam are an experience. As soon as you meet Miriam you can feel her energy and “presence”.

Each person is individual and treated as one. With some dietary suggestions and take home exercises my sinuses had much improved.

I have since had my fabulous baby boy and attend Miriam for an MOT every so often.

Since attending Miriam I am a lot more aware of what’s going on in my body.

I have become more mindful and have learned that in order to look after my family, I need to look after myself. Miriam has taught me to do this.