Top 5 ways Reiki can help you

I am often asked what is Reiki and what things can it help with? so here is my top 5 list of ways reiki can help you.

  1. Reiki helps relaxation and well being
  2. It can help you recover quickly from Surgery & other medical treatments.
  3. It boost’s your bodies energy levels
  4. Its great for clearing your head and regaining focus
  5. It can be used for anyone Babies, Teens, Pregnant women, Adults, Seniors and even the family pet!!

So that is my short list but Reiki can help you in so many ways to get balance into your life and help reconnect you with your feelings. Most of all it can do you no harm so even the skeptics of you out there might gain benefit of taking an hour of “Me Time”. Go give it a try.