Become a new confident you with the power of EFT

Do you worry about meeting new people, speaking at meetings or does the thought of climbing on board an aircraft fill you with dread?

Many people suffer to one extent or another with fears and anxieties and a lot try to just avoid situations that would make them confront these issues.

I like to have my holidays in my own country I just don’t like the hassle of airports

Well if I told you that there is a simple fast and effective way to remove the fear and increase your self-confidence would you be interested?

Well there is and it’s called EFT or emotional freedom technique.  EFT is a set of tools that act on the body’s energy points or meridians. Think of it like acupuncture for the emotions but thankfully without the needles!

By using an easy to learn process you use the finger tips to tap these meridian points and release the blocked flow of energy and their effect on you mind and body.

OK So now you may be thinking ‘How can tapping on my body possibly remove my fears and anxieties?’

Well over the last number of years there is an ever increasing volume of evidence from the scientific community as well as the holistic that even deep seated issues can be resolved with Emotional Freedom Technique.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School showed that the stress response which is controlled by the amygdala in the brain can be affected by direct stimulation of these meridian points.

A randomised trial of 83 subjects by a team headed by Dawson Church Ph.D showed that the level of cortisol which is the bodies stress hormone was reduced by on average 24% and up to 50% in some cases by undertaking a 1 hour EFT tapping session. This compared to no significant reduction in patients undergoing more tradition Verbal therapy.

Often a traumatic event can be the root cause of our issues leaving us holding on to negative emotions.

These emotions over time become embedded within us and can lead to major health issues such as Cancer. These emotions can also result in diet and relationship issues and general low self-worth.

EFT tapping can help to remove these negative emotions and help you to move on to a new healthier and happier life.

Imagine climbing on board a jet and looking forward to your dream holiday or perhaps losing some of that weight and meeting some new friends (Or More than friends!)

For more information go to the EFT & Matrix ReInprinting page of the website or just give me a call and I can talk you through the whole process.

Miriam Wright